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Our 2022 Gift List For The Kids

In October 2017, I started a new job working for a small non-profit company.  One thing that was an adjustment for me was getting used to again of only getting paid once a month.  Because of that, I can’t wait until the last minute to do my Christmas shopping.  I usually start my Christmas shopping somewhere between June and August and try to get the bulk of it done by October. Needless to say, I have to start planning my gift giving early in the year!

So, YAY!  Most of my Christmas shopping is done already except for those homemade items we have planned.   I always love seeing what other people have purchased for their kids, especially the neurodiverse ones so I thought I would share with you what we got for our two boys, C-Bear and M-Bear this year. 

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C-Bear’s list

Color-changing Moon/galaxy lamp  

We have given our kids several items like this through the years and they have always been a hit.  This one isn’t so childish looking.  This is essentially a ball with lights on the inside that can change color.  It comes with a remote but what I really liked about it is that you can also change the colors with a touch of the hand which makes it a great cause-and-effect toy for people with disabilities.

Fidget slug 

This is a plastic, articulated fidget toy.  Not sure if C-Bear will like it or not as he hasn’t had something like this before.

Sensory vibrating neck pillow

This vibrating pillow has the diameter of a pool noodle but is only 30” long and can be twisted into different shapes.  C-Bear loves anything that vibrates so this should be a hit!

No rinse shampoo 

Yes, I know, this is a boring gift but it is something that he uses all the time.  Because of his tracheostomy, we don’t get his head wet in the shower but use this no-rinse shampoo instead and it works, and smells, really nice.

Migraine/headache hat 

C-Bear does ALOT of head-slapping and his behavioral therapist recommended trying a migraine hat.  I was really skeptical but it works!!  We are getting an extra one as a gift to keep in the freezer so that we can rotate them as needed.  Next time I get a migraine, I am going to borrow it!

Neck fan

These seem to be the rage this year.  I purchased one as a gift for C-Bear because heat is a seizure trigger for him so we will see how well it works and how he tolerates it around his neck next summer.

Pill manager travel bag

Unfortunately, C-Bear has a lot of hospital stays and I wanted a small bag that we would be able to put all his meds and pill crusher in.  This one fits the bill with a little room to spare.

Sleep Bluetooth headphones 

I bought a pair of these for myself last year and absolutely love them!  I wear them to best almost every night so I am buying them as a gift for the kids this year.

Totally 80s Toons 

C-Bear has a lot of DVDs and I try to find him something new every year and I decided that he needed to watch some of the cartoons from the 80s. Cartoons are always a great gift choice for him!

Sunrise alarm clock 

C-Bear flips his sleeping schedule about every 3 months and then it takes about a week to get him back on a normal circadian rhythm.  I am hoping that maybe this clock will keep him on a normal sleep schedule.

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M-Bear’s list

Color-changing Moon/galaxy lamp   

M-Bear especially loves projection lamps and lamps that change color.  This isn’t a projection lamp but I think that the fact that it changes colors and he can pick it up will make it a hit for him.

Slushy maker cup 

He has mentioned these to me several times this summer so when they went on sale, I got him one.  If it works as advertised, he will be making slushies all.the.time.

Neck fan 

This is a gift that I got our whole family

Snap Circuit set 

M-Bear loves all things that he can put together; Legos, Snap Circuits, you name it.  I thought this would be a nice addition to the set he already has.

Nerf Super Soaker Roboblaster 

M-Bear is a nerf aficionado big time and loves to have his cousins come over in the summer for a Nerf war.  I thought this looked like fun!

Sleep Bluetooth headphones 

I have these and love them so am getting them for the boys this year.

Funko Disney The Haunted Mansion game 

I try to get at least one family game every year and got this on sale.


Pappa Bear and I love to play music and we try to expose both boys to music of all kinds.  We also like to have lots of different types of musical instruments around for them to play with.  I couldn’t resist this cute instrument after seeing it on one of the talent shows!

Emergency Bigfoot Noisemaker 

M-Bear is a HUGE Bigfoot fan and knows all the details and watched all the shows.  I thought this would be a fun stocking stuffer for him.

28-in-1 Survival Kit

M-Bear loves all things survival and has his own survival backpack where he keeps his tools and supplies.  I thought this would make a handy addition.

Microwave popcorn maker 

M-Bear and I love to have popcorn 3-4 nights a week.  With this, I am hoping that it will be cheaper than microwave popcorn and easier to make than breaking out the air popcorn maker that we have.

Christmas and/or birthday gifts

This isn’t an exhaustive list as we still have to get some stocking stuffers but this is the majority of it.  Now that I am looking at the list, it seems like a lot!  But everything I purchased was on sale, most of it at 50% off or more because being a 1 income family, and a part-time income at that, we really have to be careful with our spending.

Both of my boys have birthdays shortly after Christmas so some of these items will become birthday gifts and some will be for Christmas.  I just haven’t decided what is what yet.

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I don’t make money on this post

Sorry that I couldn’t post exact pictures of the products here but since I am not an Amazon Affiliate, I am not allowed to do that.  But because I am not an Amazon affiliate, I also do not make any money if you click on any of the above links and purchase items.  I am just sharing links to the items I purchased for my family this year in case you need some ideas. 

Give me more ideas

I always have a hard time coming up with ideas for C-Bear and love it when I can see what other families get for birthday and Christmas gifts for their children who experience disabilities.

This post is short, sweet and to the point but if you came across a great idea to give someone with a disability this year, drop a comment below.  I am sure I am not the only one looking for new ideas.

Take care!

~ ZillaQ

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