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What We Have Been Up To During Our Hiatus

We are back!  I am still learning about all the tech involved in blogging so it took me longer than anticipated.  The big thing that happened was that I switched hosting then had to learn all the new things that happen with transferring your website to a new host and how that effects blogging as I knew it.  Plus there were family emergencies, the holidays and family birthdays.  So here is a breakdown of what went down.

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  • C-Bear had adenoid removal and ear tube placement surgery 
  • Constipation complications for C-Bear from the surgery
  • Ear infections start again for C-Bear within weeks of the surgery
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  • More ear infections for C-Bear
  • The Family came over for Thanksgiving.  C-Bear & I had Thanksgiving by ourselves in his room because the family dinner was served late and I had to be on shift with him
  • C-Bear’s sleep study was canceled because of an RSV surge
  • Went to a library book sale and had fun as a family!  Everyone got something!
  • Working with NORD (National Organization for Rare Disease) to start an RDAC (Rare Disease Advisory Council) in Oregon
green Christmas tree


  • 2 trips to ER with C-Bear for suspected bowel obstruction – he was just constipated
  • Made lots of holiday goodies
  • Had family over for Christmas dinner and presents.  C-Bear & I participated briefly
  • More ear infections
  • Our day shift support worker ended up with COVID but it missed us
  • Start working with the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) workgroup for Oregon to advocate for changes in policies to make it easier for people to get new wheelchairs or repairs and upgrades on existing chairs
  • Had to switch Momma Bear Bytes to a new host and renew the domain name
green Christmas decor with New Year greetings


  • M-Bear’s 13th birthday.  Celebrated at Grandma & Grandpa’s house in Washington
  • More ear infections for C-Bear (non-stop really)
  • Hired 2 more support workers, trained them, and both got COVID right after they started. We have still managed to not get it.
  • Work events away from home have started up again. Not used to working away from home!
orange string light in the shape of a heart


  • More ear infections, possible pseudomonas, and/or C-Diff for C-Bear. Tests were negative
  • C-Bear & Momma Bear’s birthdays this month. First time ever making an ice cream cake – Yummy! Pappa Bear bought 3 blueberry plants because, ya know, bears love blueberries!
  • Hired a new Delegation Nurse
  • Purchased 2 new Nigerian goats to add to our herd

Onto bigger and better things

Sorry that this is such a short post and not at all my usual style but I have been have a hard time mentally gettin back to writing posts every week. I figured it was better to write anything than nothing.

I hope everyone’s year has been off to a good start and I am looking forward to life getting back to being a little more even keeled for all of us.

Take care out there!

~ Momma Bear

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