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5 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Ah, summer!  Hot weather, family BBQs, camping, starry nights, and warm breezes.  For my son though, summer is not a fun time.  There is too bright sunshine, high temperatures that his body can’t handle, and breezes that throw his sensory disorder into high gear.  If you have a child that has difficulty regulating their body temperature, here are 5 ways you can help them stay cool this summer, without being stuck at home.

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1. Splash pads

One of the best ways to keep our kids cool this summer is to take them to splash pads.  Or buy an inflatable one for the home such as this one from Amazon.  

Even if your child isn’t able to stand or sit up on their own, you can use a Bumpo, a Tomato chair, or prop them up with wedges or towels.  If they have a trach and may be on an HME or ventilator, turn the water pressure down and maybe block some of the spigots that would spray water near their face.

2. Beach tents

If your family loves to go to the beach but your child with a disability needs a place to rest or a place out of the wind and sun such as mine, there is a wide array of beach tents out there.  We love using the tent for him because he can be right there on the beach with us and see what is going on but be out of the sun and wind.  This tent is similar to what we use.

3. Movies

If your child is not able to safely partake in outdoor or water activities, maybe they would love to go to a theatre and watch a movie.  If need be, look in your area for a movie theatre that does sensory movies for people with disabilities.  Sensory movies usually have made adjustments to light and sound so that it is not so overwhelming for our youngsters.  Some theatres have a table area so families can bring their own food and the kids can move around if they need to.

4. Walk the mall

Another great option can be to walk the mall.  This can be especially good if your child has a stroller or wheelchair where they can sit down if they get too tired.  There are always places to eat, plenty of people watching and window shopping to do and malls are nice and cool!

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5. Pools

Whether at home or out in the community, pools are usually everyone’s favorite way to cool down in the heat of the summer.  If your child is not able to swim or swim safely on their own, there are lots of great floating devices and different styles of life vests for them to wear.  If going to the pool is not your thing, how about an inflatable pool at home in the yard or patio?  Once again, there are all kinds of shapes and sizes out there for you to choose from.

Stay Cool!

Whatever part of the world you are in and whatever your family situation, I hope that you find these tips helpful to keep you and your child with disabilities to stay cool this summer.

 As for us, we were hoping to head to the mountains for some camping trips to stay cool.  With the price of gas though, we might be staying closer to home and heading to the beach instead. 

We just purchased a new 14-foot above-ground pool for our youngest and his cousins to play in.  We also ordered a new splash pad for our oldest to play in since we choose not to have him in a pool since he got his trach.

If you have other ideas you would like to add to the list, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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